Khamis, 20 Jun 2013

Income From House

Just can not believe it! If I'm not mistaken, I je Distribute new admittance to a couple of commissions Jobdirumah 4 days ago, nie first. Total commissions paid Jodirumah is RM20. Hopefully, 3 months rent if made ​​well, can la passing them through conditions to get a commission for each sale made ​​RM25 anyway.

I said there could be empty talk about software affiliate marketer je nie .. do not believe me .. Here I show evidence mai Jodirumah moves in. commission money in my account last night. Look, at 12 tg night diorang am even willing to pay at me. So handle this right, not hokey Jobdirumah

Article Jodirumah services for the payment of commission, it's because I'm Praise exhausted pay commissions paid as promised. If possible, I want all the affiliate marketer software, such as Jomniaga already follow this example. Pay commissions made ​​a few days after the sale is made. Let's check in

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